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Wengxing 202-A...

Wengxing Key Machine 202-A

1. There are fast and slow cutting speed available

2. The jaws assembly is multi-functional with upper and bottom layer

3. This type of key machine is suitable for duplicating right-angle, flag-shaped and semicircle keys

Wengxing Q29 High-level Key...

Hand wheel type feeding device,large distance between the two vises for the duplication of extra long keys,fine adjustment design for the guide pin of the key cutting machine to cut keys with different cut depths.

Wenxing Q36 High-level...

Innovative retainer ring, work fast and well for tubular keys, also be able to withstand high cutting force.

Wenxing Q30...

Portable key duplicator equipped with horizontal movable handle , wisely used for different keys,able to equip with  automatic key duplicating tool.

Wenxing Q31...

Applicable for duplicating of dimple keys, cruciform keys, wave-shaped keys, and other special keys.Equipped with many cutters and guide pins,easy for users to offer door-to-door service.

Wenxing 220 Single-headed...

Adopting effective level device,with slanting mechanism, four-side rotating jaws and micro-adjustment for cutting depth.

Wenxing 100-H Key Cutting...

 Two vises can clamp extra long keys,durable feeding and sliding plate for easy operation, set with inserted cemented carbide cutter

Wenxing 101 Double-headed...

Four-way jaws,HHS durable cutters,key duplicator adjustment changed into right angle cutter and guide for cutting grooves keys.