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Keyline Carat specially for...

Professional key cutting machine for flat keys for cylinder and car locks, and cruciform keys. The selection of the jaw side is especially simple, quick and convenient: just press the lifting lever to rotate the mechanism until the most appropriate face is displayed. 

Keyline NINJA DARK...

Ninja Dark is a high-precision automatic duplicating machine to cut by copy single and double sided edge-cut keys.The quickest and simplest key copying.The speed of the duplicating function is unrivaled, with single step key cutting, maximum precision and reliability. Simply insert the keys and press the quick-copy button, Ninja Dark will take care of the rest.

Keyline Easy specially for...

Key cutting machine for cylinder, car and cruciform keys, with two and four-sided reversible jaws, that provides an optimal grip. This system guarantees a safe start of the machine, thanks to the forward movement of the carriage, and is equipped with an independent switch for the brush and with a tempered tracer with depth adjustment. 

Keyline SIGMA PRO...

Sigma Pro is a high-speed electronic key cutting machine for bit, double bit, pump and special, angular cut keys.

The graphic interface and colour touch screen controls make it easy to use for any operator, and, at the same time, give access to advanced software tools that are essential for the more expert and demanding users.

Keyline Ninja Vortex...

Ninja Vortex works in decoding, coding and in the engraving of the heads of the high security, laser and dimple keys. Thanks to the technology that it has, based on the combination of three axes, united to a wide database, Ninja Vortex guarantees well-advanced performance in the segment of the key cutting machines for the speed of decoding and cutting.

keyline Versa Electronic...

The first specialised machine for sequential decoding, cut by code of high security dimple and laser keys and graphic engraving of the metal key heads.

Keyline Ninja Laser...

Ninja Laser combines the mechanical and electronic precision to guarantee unique key cutting performances and quality through two different technologies: a variable speed prismatic cutter and an end milling cutter to cut with maximum efficiency door and automotive edge cut keys, laser keys and Tibbe keys by code, decode or depths.

Keyline Ninja Electronic...

Ninja is the first and only compact, high precision key cutting machine for single-sided and double-sided flat keys, with code cutting, duplication and decoding functions.

Keyline DEZMO Electronic...

Dezmo is an innovative machine that defines a new technological standard for the duplication of door and car cylinder keys.The cutting results are precise and of outstanding quality in both code and copy duplication.

Keyline Falcon for Tibbe...

Falcon is a code key cutting machine for special Tibbe-type keys for Ford and Jaguar vehicles, and for high security keys such as Abus and Abloy.

This machine can cut a key on both sides without having to remove the key from the jaw, thanks to an integrated adaptor that makes it possible to rotate the key by 360°.

Keyline Arcadia for Tubular...

Arcadia is Keyline's new key cutting machine for tubular keys.

It can be used to cut tubular keys of several brands, thanks to the wide, ever expanding range of adapters available.

Keyline 206 for double bit...

The 206 model is a professional key cutting machine for mortice, double-bit and mailbox keys that offers efficiency, durability and comfort. The movements of the carriage, due to the cross shaped table system mounted on rollers, are extremely easy and precise. 

Keyline 204 for double bit...

The 204 model is a professional key cutting machine for bit, double-bit, pipe and pump keys and for keys with vertical grooves.

The movements of the carriage, due to the cross-shaped table system mounted on rolls, are extremely easy and precise.

Keyline PUNTO for Laser and...

The Punto machine is easy to use and precise, and is therefore the ideal tool to cut dimple and laser keys. It is reliable and ergonomic and has all the characteristics and the elements that are necessary to guarantee an excellent performance.

Keyline 203 for double bit...

The 203 model is a key cutting machine for bit, double-bit, pipe and pump keys. The machine’s cast iron structure can eliminate any vibration, thus ensuring absence of noise and duration. The jaws, with their centring devices, make for perfect anchoring of female keys. 

Keyline 305 for Laser and...

An excellent machine, ideal for the cutting of laser and dimple keys.

The electromechanical calibration with visual and acoustic signals and the operation of the safety screen of the 305 model make it possible to exchange the tools quickly and easily, which is an essential requirement for the cutting of dimple and laser keys.