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JingJi P2 double-headed...

Two blocks working separately, 220V brush less motor,four-sided revolving clamp for flat keys ,available for cutting bit and double bit ,pump and other special keys , micro metric (Patent) tracer adjustment,wide space between jaws.

JingJi L1s vertical key...

Ideal for dimple and laser keys,cutter speed regulated to 8000rpm,LED callibration system,removable jaw,spring loaded tracer point,micrometric adjustment tracer system,cutting depth locking mechanism,armrest support design

Keyline Carat specially for...

Professional key cutting machine for flat keys for cylinder and car locks, and cruciform keys. The selection of the jaw side is especially simple, quick and convenient: just press the lifting lever to rotate the mechanism until the most appropriate face is displayed. 

Keyline NINJA DARK...

Ninja Dark is a high-precision automatic duplicating machine to cut by copy single and double sided edge-cut keys.The quickest and simplest key copying.The speed of the duplicating function is unrivaled, with single step key cutting, maximum precision and reliability. Simply insert the keys and press the quick-copy button, Ninja Dark will take care of the rest.

Keyline Easy specially for...

Key cutting machine for cylinder, car and cruciform keys, with two and four-sided reversible jaws, that provides an optimal grip. This system guarantees a safe start of the machine, thanks to the forward movement of the carriage, and is equipped with an independent switch for the brush and with a tempered tracer with depth adjustment. 

Gladaid GL-888C Key Cutting...

THE specially designed two horizontal motion wheels control the motions of carriages individually, with the golden wheel controlling the right carriage and the small white handle controlling the left one.

Gladaid GL-888K Key Cutting...

IN combination with both left and right carriages, this multi-functional key duplicator is equipped with two different cutters.

Gladaid GL-203BHD Key...

AN exclusive system with synchronized tilting axis permits perfect duplication of keys with angular cuts. The clamp can be slanted gradually and progressively to any angle between 0 to 45 clockwise & counter-
clockwise. The horizontal carriage handle assembly permits user easy of horizontal movement when 
operating machine. 

Gladaid GL-203CHD Key...

THIS specially designed clamp may duplicate tubular key of diameter 3mm-16mm, dimple cut keys & snake cut keys. The horizontal carriage handle assembly permits user ease of horizontal movement when operating machine. 

Gladaid GL-203KHD Key...

THE multi-functional clamp duplicates the dimple cut keys and snake cut keys. The horizontal carriage 
handle assembly permits user ease of horizontal movement when operating machine.

Gladaid GL-888AL Key...

IN combination with both left and right carriages, this multi-functional key duplicator is equipped with two different high speed steel cutters. high precise, save times & elevate efficiency.

Keyline SIGMA PRO...

Sigma Pro is a high-speed electronic key cutting machine for bit, double bit, pump and special, angular cut keys.

The graphic interface and colour touch screen controls make it easy to use for any operator, and, at the same time, give access to advanced software tools that are essential for the more expert and demanding users.

Keyline Ninja Vortex...

Ninja Vortex works in decoding, coding and in the engraving of the heads of the high security, laser and dimple keys. Thanks to the technology that it has, based on the combination of three axes, united to a wide database, Ninja Vortex guarantees well-advanced performance in the segment of the key cutting machines for the speed of decoding and cutting.

keyline Versa Electronic...

The first specialised machine for sequential decoding, cut by code of high security dimple and laser keys and graphic engraving of the metal key heads.